🟩1st NFT Collection

About the collection 💫

We wanted to highlight the similarities between the Qube concept of the project and our first NFT collection and make the characters look secretive, since our team stays anonymous. The main color has been chosen on the basis of the Qube logo and we also decided to point in our NFTs to its main modules, united by chains that surround the symbol of the project.

The collection consists of 3 NFT class types:

📌Silver: 1100 (static) 📌Gold: 300 (static) 📌Diamond: 100 (animated)


Owning this NFTs is an extra bonus that will be your lucky🍀 ticket to attend the guaranteed participation in some of the IDOs running on the Qube Launchpad, as well as the Qube VIP & FAMILY chats guaranteed access, etc.

More details will be available soon...

For Owners

You can see your NFT on the unique tab page of the Qube website using the link: https://theqube.cc/check-nft/

📍 Read the article where you can find complete information about our 1st NFT drop, the winner list is attached: https://bit.ly/3LfEBPe

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