Qube Crypto Space


The Qube Crypto Space team are true crypto enthusiasts and we strive to provide Qubers with the latest industry trends and a unique experience. We carry out the development of F2P & P2E video game in cooperation with Midhard Games, which have no analogues in the current market.
WarQube is a cooperative 3D video game based on blockchain technology in a mix of Tower Defense, Isometric Shooter and MOBA genres. The economy of the game is based on F2P and P2E models, and includes three gaming modes: PvP, PvE & Raid. In addition to receiving rewards for playing sessions in the form of tokens, NFT trading is another way to generate extra income for players.


  • Cooperative 3D video game based on blockchain
  • Cross-game NFT integrations
  • Dual-token economic model
  • Native governance token (DAO)
  • Own NFT Marketplace
  • Various types of NFTs Metaverse, Guilds, Tournaments
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