💸Diversity of user monetization

Qube Crypto Space provides users with various types of monetization, depending on the risk appetite of users and the size of the investment.

  • Providing liquidity. Allows users to qualify for a portion of the commissions proportional to the user's contribution to the pool and liquidity tokens (QLP).

  • Yield farming. Allows users to receive QUBE tokens as a reward for placing assets in staking pools.

  • QUBE staking. Earning tokens in the form of interest on the deposit.

  • Generating content on the Qube platform. The amount of payments is determined by the community through the Governance function and free demand when issuing and selling NFT tokens.

  • QLP liquidity tokens serve as a key to access tokens for new projects placed on Qube Launchpad and allow you to receive income from participation in IDO.

The demand for QUBE is formed due to the volume of filling Qube liquidity pools and its demand as a Utility token.

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