• What is Qube?
Qube Crypto Space is a multifunctional platform that combines popular blockchain tools and solutions into a single ecosystem.
  • What is Qube's mission?
Create a self-sufficient, reliable ecosystem consisting of popular blockchain technologies and current trends in a complex that is convenient for use by everyone who wants to become part of the crypto world.
  • Who is building Qube?
a group of dedicated developers, programmers, designers, artists, who are passionate about blockchain and the crypto industry in general.
  • What problems does Qube solve?
Qube Crypto Space offers an integrated approach to using DeFi, NFT, Play-to-earn games and new products in the cryptocurrency world.
  • What is the Qube token?
QUBE is a native ecosystem token that is used for transaction fees, liquidity, and rewards. Every Qube owner will be able to submit and vote on governance proposals, helping govern the future of the Qube crypto space.
  • What is the Qube token used for?
With the help of the universal Qube Token, the whole world of DeFi and NFT space opens up in front of you: full DEXfunctionality, participation in the Launchpad & NFT Marketplace, the completeness of communication in Qube Social.
  • What is the governance mechanism of Qube?
Qube Crypto Space is moving towards full decentralization. QUBE holders can take an active part in the life of the project by making a proposal and voting on further development.
  • How can I buy Qube?
You can purchase QUBE tokens on PancakeSwap. Further listings will be pre-announced in the official social networks of Qube Crypto Space.