Qube Crypto Space

Sharia Law

Qube complies with the Sharia law

We are facilitating a wider and wider range of users from all over the world as we keep developing our platform. This helps to keep in touch with the users of different religions and cultures, which makes us highly open and loyal to individuals of any faith and nationality.

Sharia is a new definition of the crypto ecosystem

Sharia opens the doors to crypto trading or any other activity in the crypto world for Muslims and non-Muslims who care about ethical financial platforms. This way, any user can still use DeFi tools on our platform, trade NFT-art, or invest in projects that meet the Sharia standards.
Based on Sharia law, our project excludes interconnections with gambling, cannabis, derivatives, alcohol, porn, and loans projects.
The Qube holds a firm position of not accepting projects related to the above-mentioned categories and does not implement any tools that are contrary to Sharia law.
We follow the ethical code regarding our project activities so we can make our product available to absolutely everyone.