Qube Games is a platform module of Qube Crypto Space, through which promising Play-to-Earn projects will be able to provide games for Qubers and take full advantage of the Qube infrastructure. The Qube Crypto Space team empowers users by providing access to a variety of play-to-earn projects within a single ecosystem. Partner projects will have access to the necessary tools for launching, building a community, selling NFTs, professional support in promotion and development. We aim to help traditional game developers and Play-to-Earn startups integrate their game products with blockchain, make game assets decentralized and unlimited, provide players with digital ownership of in-game items, introduce the project to the audience and further promotion.
Our mission is to create a self-sufficient, multifunctional environment and break down all barriers between classic gamers and the crypto industry. Qube Crypto Space integrates the gaming ecosystem, where everyone can easily earn cryptocurrency while enjoying games, make like-minded people and use all the relevant DeFi tools with comfort.

Key Benefits:

  • Multifunctionality A user-friendly Qube Crypto Space ecosystem that will appeal to both blockchain enthusiasts and newcomers who want to get involved.
  • Owning in-game assets Qube Games makes it easy to fully own all game assets, characters and purchases using NFTs.
  • Variety of awards With the help of blockchain and cryptocurrency, Qube Crypto Space users will be able to earn rewards in partner game project tokens, Qube tokens, NFTs in exchange for their time and efforts.
  • Scalability Qube Games allows you to quickly launch new projects and endless scale.