Qube Games provides a number of advantages both for developers of game projects and for the growing Qube Crypto Space community.

For game developers

  • Pre-assembled active audience that allows you to preview your project to thousands of potential users.

  • Convenient platform for hosting games and quickly implementing Play-to-Earn functionality.

  • Complete system for attracting users in a single ecosystem.

  • Comprehensive functional platform with its own DEX, Launchpad, NFT Marketplace.

  • Promotion of the project in the Qube Crypto Space partner network.

  • No binding to the QUBE token, entry fees, royalties, hidden fees, transaction fees, restrictions on the choice of blockchain, subscription fee.

For players and community

  • Exclusive play-to-earn games.

  • Variety of promising play-to-earn projects.

  • Friendly interface.

  • One account for all games (Qube user account).

  • Play-to-earn games, DEX, launchpad, NFT Marketplace in a single ecosystem.

  • Regular marketing activities with rewards.

  • Multichain platform.

The Qube Crypto Space team strives to provide users with a functional and user-friendly interface that will allow players with different experience and skills in crypto to be used seamlessly. Qube Games users will have easy access to a list of partner game projects, in-game NFT items and collections, events (championships, competitions, tournaments), a forum for interacting with other players and members of development teams. As active users are attracted, the Qube Crypto space team plans to create in-game clans and game guilds. An important feature of the module will be the function Sponsorship, which will allow you to track the success of the top players on the site, reward and invest in them.

For sponsors and brands

  • Cooperate in running winning game program for users.

  • Develop branded in-game characters.

  • Run direct advertising campaigns by changing the in-game skin with brand designed information.

  • Place advertisements for players to view ads and share profits.

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