đŸ”ĻDeveloper Partner Program

We aim to help traditional game developers and gaming startups integrate their gaming products with blockchain. Qube Crypto Space is partnering with game developers to create quality blockchain games that will be distributed through Qube Games. When a game project joins the ecosystem, we provide services such as development, blockchain integration, and token economy. In addition, we will help them create a launchpad go-to-market strategy, game token sale and NFT sale.

Become an early supporter of the games

We are attracting high-quality game developers and strengthening our services to enrich the blockchain game development ecosystem.

Game developers and studios can host their games on the Qube Games platform under partnership terms. Adding a new game will take place similarly to the process of listing a token for crypto resources. To do this, you need to fill out the form and send the game for consideration, connecting the Qube SDK. We implement a professional marketing program to attract players at an early stage and spread the game to players around the world. Through the Qube Games, Qubers can join token or NFT sale events, receive the latest game news, and participate in regular marketing events such as AMAs with game projects.

Benefits for Developer Partners

  • The authors of the game remain the full owners of the product and brand.

  • The game can be on any blockchain from the list supported by the Qube Games platform.

  • The game can have its own tokenomics and the Qube ecosystem token will not affect it in any way.

  • No binding to QUBE token.

  • Partners can publish an unlimited number of games.

  • There are no royalties, no commissions, introductory and subscription fees.

  • Access to the Qube Crypto Space community.

  • Campaign and activity marketing by Qube Games.

  • Support and promotion from the Qube Crypto Space team.

  • Assistance in fundraising and further development of projects.


  • The game must contain a Play-to-Earn model.

  • Mandatory connection to Qube User Account.

  • Providing a pool of tokens, up to 3% of the issue.

  • The main one will be used to develop and attract an audience (Staking, Airdrops).

  • NFT game assets must be available on the Qube NFT Marketplace.

  • Monthly allocation of NFT for drops / QUBE boxes.

  • Qube Games removed 2% commission from NFT sales.

  • The project token must be available on the Qube DEX. The game must not violate the norms of Sharia*.

*- Sharia laws restrict the use of games with scenes of debauchery (18+), violence, mythologies with gods, sorcerers, witches, magicians and all kinds of witchcraft, as well as GameFi using loansharking.

Qube User Account and Wallet Connect

To use all the features (gaining access to games on the platform, DeFi tools and the NFT Marketplace, to participate in IGO), players will need to create a Qube Crypto Space profile, increase their verification level using KYC. Additional privileges in games and some features will be available only to verified users.

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