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We connect creators with the community to bring the most promising ideas to come true.

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The Qube Crypto Space team is upgrading Qube Launchpad for IDO / IGO / INO and other services for partners to create a complete ecosystem for projects to thrive. Projects must go through a rigorous review process and meet strict requirements to run on the Qube Launchpad. Once the project is approved, it can use all the features and efficiency of the launchpad. Early investors can put their funds into unique, potential projects offered by Qube and expect a significant return on investment in the future. We offer Launchpad with multi-chain compatibility so that projects can choose their preferred blockchain while providing the best experience and basic needs.
We want to promote potential and new crypto game concepts, look for opportunities to attract new crypto users through various partnerships, and expand the ecosystem to grow with partners.

What do we offer?

Rock-bottom fees

No charging transaction fee for token sale participating. QUBE holders get more benefits.

Launch your project easily

It is a safe and user-friendly environment to benefit blockchain projects and participants. Raise funds while having a secure way to distribute tokens to participants.

Democratic style of investing

Get the maximum benefit from reliable projects launched on the platform.

No hidden risks

Qube is a safe place to collaborate with cryptocurrency investors and enthusiasts who are ready to explore a new project.

Key advantages for startups

Powerful tools and solutions

Qube is a hub that combines helpful and popular tools and solutions of the crypto world.

Crypto community

Qube has a unique community ready to participate in your tokensale and support your project.

Increase your win rate

If you do not have the resources or enough expertise, we are always ready to help you.

Marketing and Support

We will help your business reach goals, bring new customers, raise funds, and provide successful marketing campaigns.

Major benefits for participants

  • Ability to participate in tokensale of secure and the most promising crypto projects;
  • Engaged fans and participants that have the power to make a startup or a token soar;
  • Ability to stay tuned for the latest news and updates;
  • Opportunity to join the Qube strong community.

Major benefits for partners

  • Guaranteed participation in the Tokensales of the TOP projects
  • Early participation in the Tokensales on profitable terms
  • Early access to the new products of all projects
  • Ability to stay tuned for the latest news and updates

Let your idea be heard

Qube Crypto Space is a great place to share your ideas and build fruitful collaborations.
Connect with other blockchain enthusiasts and companies and raise brand awareness of your brand in the crypto industry

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