Qube Crypto Space provides access to two fast-growing multi-million dollar markets: NFTs and GameFi.
The Qube NFT Marketplace is a full-fledged trading platform designed for placement, promotion, purchase / sale of NFT assets. It’s designed to gather the most creative artists, passionate collectors along with the crypto enthusiasts together. Our team provides convenience, aesthetics and performance. When developing the interface, we rely on user experience and analytics of the global application market. Opening up another profit opportunity, such as trading items and characters in secondary markets.
The Qube NFT Marketplace trades various digital assets, including both digital art and in-game items for Play-to-Earn items. Using the NFT assets allows players to own their in-game purchases and characters. In the next stages of the development of the project, the team will add several blockchain networks to develop the ecosystem and provide users with additional features.
The goal of the Qube Crypto Space team is to provide Qubers with full functionality with maximum convenience. Discover exclusive NFT artworks and Play-to-Earn assets from all around the world!