Qube Crypto Space


The partnerships and collaborations made allow Qube Crypto Space to provide users with high-quality services and increase brand awareness in the industry.
  • Chainlink - decentralized oracle networks provide tamper-proof inputs, outputs, and computations to support advanced smart contracts on any blockchain.
  • ICODA - full service digital/crypto marketing agency ICODA implements a data-driven approach to creating products and services for crypto businesses around the world.
  • MidHard - video game development company.
  • Ort - DeFi powered and self–governing DAO, designed to act as a revolutionary decentralized and broad platform for freelancing.
  • Krypto Playboy Capital - an Australian run value adding Venture Capital Network which invests in early start-up decentralized blockchain technology.
  • VersalNFT - a blockchain-based virtual legal space that contains a multi-user interface for creating, storing, and managing data.
  • iDos Games - a team of indie-game developers.
  • Maria Group International - an internationally reputed Business Group.
  • Datami - cybersecurity company.
  • Sekuritance - a single platform for every compliance need within a business.