QUBE Token

Ticker: QUBE Blockchains: BNB Chain (BEP20), Ethereum (ERC20)
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QUBE is a utility and governance token that gives access to all platform modules and is the main means of payment. The token is intended to generate income from the activities of the QubeCrypto Space, which allows its value to increase in proportion to the growth of the entire ecosystem. Qube distributes commissions from exchange transactions in liquidity pools depending on the liquidity blocking period and in proportion to the number of stake tokens. QUBE tokens are also being used to further incentivize liquidity providers and support the platform ecosystem.
The total supply is 1 billion QUBE, and they are introduced into circulation in stages. The Qube team receives 1.75% of the total supply of tokens, which are additionally issued when rewards are distributed among the community.
QUBE tokens are an internal element of all monetization programs, serve as an internal unit of account and are used for internal circulation. All rights of the QUBE token are enshrined in its functional model.
Functional model of QUBE Token
The entire ecosystem is focused on creating and maintaining demand for the QUBE token. By developing the ecosystem, the community increases the demand for the token and provides a natural organic growth in value.

The functional content of the QUBE token:

1️⃣Utility token

Native platform token, measure of value and means of payment. Provides access to all modules and functions of the platform.

2️⃣Pay token

QUBE is the basis of the economic model of Qube Crypto Space. It is a measure of value, a means of payment, an investment tool.
  • QUBE as a measure of value: all prices on the platform are denominated in Qube.
  • QUBE as a means of payment: Qube acts as a means of payment for any transactions within the platform. Qube has high liquidity and can be instantly exchanged for other cryptocurrencies in the AMM pools on the platform and on external platforms.
  • QUBE as an investment tool. The intrinsic value and transparent issuance model allows the token to be used to earn rewards when used as a tool to create liquidity and place staking on the platform.

3️⃣Governance token

Allows platform users to take an active part in the development of the project by suggesting ideas, choosing directions for improving the project, and introducing new products. Promotes community involvement in the accelerated development of the ecosystem, decentralization of management.

4️⃣Launch token

Provides token holders to participate in tokensales of promising projects. The conditions for participation and user allocation depend on the number of QUBE tokens in possession.

5️⃣Store of value

The future objective value of the QUBE token is determined by its multifunctionality within a single ecosystem and the demand for users as the project develops.