Qube Crypto Space

Qube Crypto Space

Qube Crypto Space is designed to take advantage of blockchain technology in one place
Qube Crypto Space, launched in 2021, provides users with a full range of tools for crypto / NFT trading, creating, playing and earning, communicating and collaborating with like-minded people.


Our team firmly believes that blockchain technology will bring significant changes to all areas of life and change the world for the better. We are ready to provide all the necessary tools for both experienced crypto enthusiasts and beginners who are interested in the crypto industry.


Create a self-sufficient, reliable ecosystem consisting of popular blockchain technologies and tools in a complex that is convenient for use by everyone who wants to become part of the crypto world.

Qube Ecosystem’s products overview

  • Qube DEX (decentralized exchange) - allows users to exchange cryptocurrency tokens directly with each other. Swap, stake, and farm tokens easily without the need to create accounts, verify ID and make deposits or withdrawals.
  • Qube Launchpad - module for attracting capital by projects for further development. Raise funds for your idea or become an early investor in a promising project.
  • Qube NFT Marketplace - module for authors, collectors, NFT traders with the ability to create and exchange NFTs. Find a wide range of digital artworks on Qube Marketplace or create your own NFT to offer for sale.
  • Qube Games - module for hosting play-to-earn projects. Provides users with a variety of games with the possibility of receiving rewards in tokens and NFTs. Game developers can use the Qube Crypto Space ecosystem for successful development, launching and promoting.
  • Qube Social Network is a multifunctional social platform that combines all the necessary functions of social networks with blockchain technologies. Get up-to-date information about the crypto industry, communicate and monetize your activity.
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