Qube Crypto Space
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The Qube Crypto Space is a globally distributed team that has the skills and experience to realize the potential in blockchain technology. We are a group of dedicated developers, programmers, designers, artists, who are passionate about blockchain and the crypto industry in general.
Our team is convinced that in this decade the global financial system, the market for video games and the arts will change, and blockchain technology will form their basis. We focus on creating a product that will be successful in the long run. CEO J Q
8 years in the crypto industry, 6 years of experience as CEO of blockchain projects. PROJECT MANAGER RYAN HMPH
5 years of experience as a product and project manager in blockchain projects. CTO ROMAN BORISOV
7+ years of experience in IT. 5 years of work experience as a blockchain developer. CMO ADELINE CLOCHETTE
6 years experience in marketing. 4 years as CMO in blockchain projects. PRODUCT MANAGER NICK HARRIS
5 years in the crypto industry. 4 years as a Product Manager. OPERATIONS MANAGER KAROLINA
6 years of experience as Operations Manager.