Blockchain technology has already changed the world, and Qube Crypto Space is convinced that the benefits and tools of blockchain will change the way people communicate forever. Qube Social Network is an interconnected, engaged, open, and collaborative global social media ecosystem. Users will use the best features to drive engagement and monetize social media.

Qube Live Streaming Tools

Users will have an opportunity to witness the best gamers compete in global tournaments and demonstrate their gaming skills while interacting with the audience who is watching the stream. Qube Live Streaming tools provide connectivity and interaction, as well as fast and instant social networking in the community through:
  • Tournament.
  • Streaming Player Streaming.
  • AMA Streaming.

Qube Games News

Qube Games News is a communication channel for crypto&gaming enthusiasts made by crypto&gaming enthusiasts. This includes an aggregator of news and articles about all the current trends in the crypto industry:
  • DeFi
  • NFTs
  • GameFi