🎁Free Airdrops


  • In order to be eligible for a free airdrop, all you need is to have some QUBE on your BEP-20 wallet

  • The QUBE tokens which are locked in vesting will be counted

  • A Quber needs to have at least 20,000 QUBE tokens on the wallet

  • Max limit — 200,000 QUBE (higher amount of QUBE will be considered the same as 200,000 QUBE)

  • Tokens that are farmed or staked are not counted

How will the share be determined?

  1. We will determine all the QUBE Token holders who have tokens on the wallets / vested tokens

  2. We will remove all participants who have less than 20,000 QUBE

  3. Those left in the list who have more than 200,000 QUBE will receive an equal share of Airdrops as those who have 200,000 QUBE

  4. Finally, we will share the token pool equally between QUBE holders who fit the above-mentioned terms

The share may change before the distribution process (according to your balance at the time of the QUBE token distribution)

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