๐Ÿ‘ฅReferral Program

Are you a Quber that loves Qube and wants to grow the community? Get rewarded in the Qube Crypto Space Referral program, where you can get real rewards for bringing others into our ecosystem! Any Quber can register on Qube Crypto Space Referral program to become an official referrer. Once you become a referrer, you can start using your unique referral code and send it to your friends.

Who is eligible to be referred?

The invited friend must join the Qube community and fulfill the prerequisites with the Messenger referral code. The invited friend and the Qube Ambassador cannot be the same person. The invited friend must have other social media accounts and a wallet address.

What types of Prizes can you get?

The best way to maximize your rewards is to refer a friend to join the Qube Crypto Space. For each invite, the Qube referrer will receive prizes based on your friendโ€™s task progress. This reward comes with 5 missions in total. You will receive rewards after your friend completes each mission.

Qube referrers can check their progress to see how many friends they invited have successfully joined (what?). For our referred newcomers(invitees), we have rewards too! We know beginning anew can be challenging at first, so our referral program helps them start their journey.

Qube Crypto Space is a single ecosystem for everyone, a real multifunctional platform with varied DeFi / NFT / GameFi options; Invite your friends today to expand the Qube community!

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